The Red Sand Palm

This course is not easy! If you are looking for something to do on the side while continuing to live your life, this course is not for you. The Red Sand Palm will have to take over your life for at least a 100 days. This might sound far-fetched but this Qi gong is for those who seek to push boundaries. The Red Sand Palm is not only a method to condition your fist and palm but also a deep Qi Gong and cultivation system.

The Red Sand Palm

This course is not easy! If you looking for something you can do on the side while continuing living your life, this course is not for you. Because the Red Sand Palm has to become your life. At least for 100 Days. This might sound crazy but this is for crazy people. The Red Sand Palm is not only a method to condition your fist and palm it is also a deep Qi Gong and Cultivation System.

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Ismet gives a little overview of the various conditioning systems and how they differ from the Red Sand Palm. He also explains why he is now openly teaching this once kept secret system. Furthermore, he goes into the five main practices, their training methods, specific use of times and intricacies.

Chapter 2 : Fire - Releasing Power

You will literally be playing with fire, while using a candle to develop the proper flow and create  a “relaxed power” generated by the body into your palm and fist.  

Chapter 3 : Metal - Conditioning your Palm and Fist

Before you learn the eight ways of conditioning your palm and fist, Ismet will show you the proper warm up exercises and talk through the differences of modern and ancient training methods. If you feel inclined, you can also learn some Taoist recitation.

Chapter 4: Wood - Hitting the Pillars and Papers

Here you will be working with your palms against wooden pillars and using the old school methods of punching a thousand papers.   The well known golden arms be developed in this chapter alongside the work of the palms.

Chapter 5: The 1st Red Sand Palm Qi Gong Set

Now it is time to learn the specific Red Sand Palm Qi Gong. In this lesson, you will learn the specific visualization techniques that make the Red Sand Palm Qi Gong unique. Ismet will also go deeper into the energetic body points and explain the differences between Qi Gong and Yi Gong.

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