Become old school in a modern world.

Be quiet. Breath in. Breath out. Wherever you are. Wherever you go. Find stillness within yourself and amplify the realm of your awareness. In Ismet Himmet’s teachings, Qi Gong  accelerates the journey to your core within, building a strong internal foundation for all your practices. 

Become oldschool in a modern world.

Be quiet. Breath in. Breath out. Where ever you are. Where ever you go. Peace is in your heart, if you can create it there. In Ismet Himmet’s teachings Qi Gong is at the core of everything because Qi Gong is the fastest way within.

Qi Gong Courses

Back to Spring Qi Gong

Less stress is more clarity. Less tension means more relaxation. Start your day clear and calm or relax after a long working day. The Back to Spring Qi Gong harmonizes mind and body with simple yet effective exercises that can be integrated into any routine.

5 Animal Dynamic Qi Gong

Become the dragon, move fluidly like a snake, explode like a tiger, balance gracefully like a crane or be steady and calm like a turtle. By learning the five different expressions of these animals, you will harmonize the five elements within you.

Red Sand Palm Advanced Qi Gong

This course will make you feel as if you have been catapulted into an old school Kung Fu movie. Night time training, wooden pillars, breaking bricks and practicing with fire are combined with advanced Qi Gong and deep meditation practices.

All Courses

Qi Gong

Dive deep into your mind and body. Lower your stress levels and release tension with profound and comprehensive meditation practices. Calm your self and bring clarity to your life. Start with the basics or deepen your skills with our step by step courses for every level.


Express yourself! Learn how to move like Ismet Himmet and become a moving poem. Leverage ancient tools and wisdom from Chinese Martial Arts. Learn the magical movements of Tai Yi Quan or Bagua Zhang. Train to move with a Staff or discover how to use the Spiral Power.

Chinese Boxing

Learn to defend yourself with the best of modern fighting techniques combined with traditional martial arts.  Integrate what works into your style or simply start from scratch. The step by step courses will bring you from beginner to expert.     

Push Hands

Stand your ground and use your opponents force against them. Learn how to throw a bigger and stronger opponent to the ground. Integrate the power of Push Hands into any system or martial art and bring your skills to the next level.