Push Hands No Limit Essentials

This course will get you started with Push Hands in no time. Build your sensitivity and learn to stand your ground. Direct the attacks of your opponent against him using timing, leverage and positioning. In this course Ismet Himmet will not only teach you the very essentials of Push Hands but also redefine the limits of the traditional practice.

Essentials 1

In this first chapter, you will learn the very basics of Push Hands, how to be soft in your upper body and deflect pushes while standing your ground and keeping your balance. By applying the concept of Yin and Yang, you will learn how to use the force and momentum of your opponents attack against him in order to make him loose his balance.


6 Lessons

Essentials 2

In the previous chapter, you were introduced to the very first principles and concepts of Push Hands. While you only had to deal with frontal pushes, it is now time to add the next layer. In this chapter, you will learn the most effective techniques and drills to develop the correct reflexes to defend from being pushed side ways.


3 Lessons

Essentials 3

Take control! Until now, you were reacting to your opponents attacks, deflecting and capitalizing on the momentum of the incoming pushes. But what do you do when your opponent knows how to play that game better then you? In this chapter you will learn how to take control of the situation and stay one step ahead in the game.


4 Lessons

Essentials 4

In the previous chapter, your mission was to establish control. Now we double down on Essentials 3 and use our control to lay out traps for our opponent using wrist locks to distract or even close the deal.


7 Lessons

Essentials 5

Now it is time to sharpen the knife. You will go back to the beginning and work on refining some of the tools you have learned so far and further learn lethal push combinations to unbalance your opponent completely.


2 Lessons

Essentials 6

In this chapter, you will learn how to take your sensitivity skills to the next level by using your body structure and the concept of the eight energies in Taiji Quan. You will give your opponent the opportunity to grab you while creating space though tension using your 7 Stars.


2 Lessons

Essentials 7

In this last chapter, you will learn how to take everything and give nothing. The goal is to bring your opponent into a weak position where he will be unable to attack you or loose the game.


2 Lessons

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