Basic Stances

A strong and solid foundation lays under every great building in the world. So why not build yourself up from the ground up? If you want to strengthen your structure, do so with the basic stances as it is a vital foundation for your practices.

Carefree Palm

Learn how to express your spirit and become a moving poem. The Carefree Spirit Palm owes its name to the legendary Xiao Yao Valley in the magical Wudang Mountains, where Ismet was learning his craft while  living as a disciple for many years.

Bagua Zhang

The mystical circle walking medition and Qi Gong exercises of this system will turn you into a spiritual human tornado. It also  involves  dynamic foot work, twisting and spiraling while constantly moving and fluid  direction changes.

Dark Warrior Staff The 7 Principles

Whether it is the nobility of moving with weaponry or a quest for building a new skill set. This course will lay down a proper introduction to the Dark Warrior Staff system   .

Dark Warrior - Staff The Form

Smooth like a snake, calm like a turtle, powerful like a tiger. Now this is where the fun begins! After you have learned the 7 Principles you can start with the Form and go to the next level.

Spiral Power Seminar

Power to the Spiral! In this Seminar Ismet will show you what you can do with a straight line and a circle, and teach you how to integrate it into every aspect of your style or practice.

Shizaam Seminar Berlin

Can you apply the concept of Feng Shui to your mind and body? Ismet thinks you can! In this seminar he will teach you his approach to balance and natural movement.

All Courses

Qi Gong

Dive deep into your mind and body. Lower your stress levels and release tension with profound and comprehensive meditation practices. Calm your self and bring clarity to your life. Start with the basics or deepen your skills with our step by step courses for every level.


Express yourself! Learn how to move like Ismet Himmet and become a moving poem. Leverage ancient tools and wisdom from Chinese Martial Arts. Learn the magical movements of Tai Yi Quan or Bagua Zhang. Train to move with a Staff or discover how to use the Spiral Power.

Chinese Boxing

Learn to defend yourself with the best of modern fighting techniques combined with traditional martial arts.  Integrate what works into your style or simply start from scratch. The step by step courses will bring you from beginner to expert.     

Push Hands

Stand your ground and use your opponents force against them. Learn how to throw a bigger and stronger opponent to the ground. Integrate the power of Push Hands into any system or martial art and bring your skills to the next level.