Back to Spring Qi Gong

This Qi Gong set is ideal if you seek to lower your stress levels and gain more clarity of mind. It’s a great way to start your day or calm down after a long work day. The Back to Spring Qi Gong is also an excellent entrance for new Qi Gong enthusiasts as it teaches you the very foundation of internal work. Depending on what your needs may be at any given time, its role in your practice can be simple or challenging.

Back to Spring Qi Gong

This Qi Gong Set is perfect for you if you want to lower your stress levels and get more clarity of mind. It’s a great way to start your day or calm down after a long work day. The Back to Spring Qi Gong also provides an excellent entrance if you are new to Qi Gong because it teaches you the very foundation of internal work and it is simple but challenging enough if you want it to be.

Chapter 1 : Introduction

In your first lesson Ismet gives a short overview of the Hui Chun Qi Gong, his interpretation of Qi and the meaning of the Chinese Names in this ancient practice of cultivation.

Chapter 2 : Stance and Body Structure

You will learn the proper stance, breath, and mindset to build a solid foundation for your practice. Ismet will teach you the principles for proper body alignment and how to use your breath by focusing on external and internal key points in order to relax your body.

Chapter 3 : Sink your Mind into the Dan Tian - Yi Shou Dan Tian

By connecting your breath with your intention, you will learn to sink your mind into the center of your body. With the use of a mudra you shall learn how to calm your thoughts and how to unify the two egos.

Chapter 4: Embrace Eternity Protect the Oneness - Bao Yuan Shou Yi

Once your mind is calm and settled, you will engage with your first  visualization method and learn how to send Qi to your Dan Tian. 

Chapter 5: The Cosmic Circle Flows Together - Hun Yuan Yi Qi

Now it is time to let the Qi flow through your body. After you have accumulated the Qi in the energetic center of your body (the Dan Tian),  you will learn your first moving exercise that will enable you get the flow going.

Chapter 6: Pillar of Polelessness - Wu Ji Zhuang

No thoughts. Don’t think about the pink elephant! In this lesson, you will be taught an approach to get closer to the state of nothingness by following two principles that reduce your thoughts into three simple tasks.

Chapter 7: Transforming heaven and earth - Qian Kun Ban Yun

After you have dived into nothingness while standing still, it is time for the next moving exercise. You will now learn how to stand rooted with your legs while turning and twisting the upper body. Transforming and exchanging Qi between the two levels.


Chapter 8: Pillar of the Cosmic Circle - Hun Yuan Zhuang

Continuing with the pattern of stillness and movement you will learn the next important pillar of the Hui Chun Qi Gong System. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the Peng energy (the expanding energy) to develop a solid Qi Gong structure within your body.

Chapter 10: Embracing the Taiji - Bao Taiji

In this last moving exercise, you will learn how to form the “Tai Ji Ball”. This will teach you to not only balance and be flexible in your upper body, but also how to harmonize and move stagnated Qi.

Chapter 11: Closing

Bring all the Qi to your Dan Tian and slowly come back from your meditation. You will learn the proper closing exercise and pressure point massage technique to release tension and relax your body.


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