1st Form – Carefree Palm

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Lesson 1: The Tiger Sits Back Into His Cave

Lesson 2: Bring the Qi Back to Your Dan Tian

Lesson 3: Embracing the Moon

Lesson 4: Two Dragons Playing with the Ball

Lesson 5: Transforming Heaven and Earth

Lesson 6: Take the Bushes away and Behold the Snake

Lesson 7: Two Immortals Preaching

Lesson 8: The Old Tree Roots Deep

Lesson 9: The Wild Goose Opens its Wings

Lesson 10: The Swallow Flies over the Water

Lesson 11: The White Snake Spits Venom & The White Ape Shakes Its Back

Lesson 12: The Hungry Tiger Leaps Onto the Prey

Lesson 13: The Sparrow Lands On the Branch & Taming the Tiger

Lesson 14: Connecting 1 - 13

Lesson 15: The Heavenly Emperor Holding the Pagoda

Lesson 16: Closing the Window, Pushing the Moon

Lesson 17: Green Dragon Comes out of the Water

Lesson 18: Dissolving the Clouds and Watching the Sun

Lesson 19: Putting the Blossoms to the Tree

Lesson 20: The Wind Strokes the Lotus Leaves

Lesson 21: The White Ape Protects the Cave

Lesson 22: Pushing the Boat Downstream

Lesson 23: Snake and Sparrow Competing for Food

Lesson 24: Leading the Thread Through the Eye of the Needle

Lesson 25: The Yellow Dragon Twines Around the Pillar

Lesson 26: The First Ancestor Shining Glaringly & The Lion Turns its Head

Lesson 27: Connecting 21 to 26

Lesson 28: Overcoming the Demon Pack

Lesson 29: The Black Tiger Lurkingly Enters the Cave

Lesson 30: The winter Rooster Protects the Food

Lesson 31: The 8 Immortals Crossing the Sea

Lesson 32: Hidden Flowers under the Leaves & Through Thunder and Fire the Hell Ignites

Lesson 33: The Cosmos is One Circle

Lesson 34: Closing

Lesson 35: Combining the Last movements.