Red Sand Palm – The First 100 Days

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Red Sand Palm System, also called Cinnabar Palm 朱砂掌 is an ancient Internal Conditioning System. It does not only concentrate on the martial aspects but also on deep inner cultivation and the awareness of astral dimensions. One works with QI, Yi, JING & SHEN. Compared to the well known Iron Palm 铁砂掌, (which is practiced by the majority of Far East Martial Artists today), the Red Sand Palm System has a more soft and inner way of conditioning the Palm.

This is the first course of a three part series. In this course, you will not be able to skip through all the lessons to just have a look here and there. This is because with the Red Sand Palm it is important to take your time and learn everything step by in a specific order. Also, you will have to complete this course first before you can start the next one.You should watch all the lessons step by step before you decide to start.


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