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The classical Tui Shou or Push Hand routines are essential for every serious Internal Martial Arts practitioner.

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33 Years of martial arts experience as a fighter condensed into one course. Ismet Himmet will bring you from A - Z and teach you how to defend your self in a real-life situation.

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Basics are a key fundament to every quality movement. Learn the basic stances step by step.

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Tap into the spiral mindset and learn a non-linear concept of thinking and moving.

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Take your first step on your Push Hands journey. Build a strong foundation and become a serious Push Hands practitioner.

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After you have learned and perfected the 7 Principles its now time to add more complexity to your vocabulary and learn how to move.


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Red Sand Palm System, also called Cinnabar Palm is an ancient Internal Conditioning System. It does not only concentrate on the martial aspects but also on deep inner cultivation.

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This fundamental Qi Gong Set emphasizes on stillness, connecting natural breathing with simple movement.

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Shizaam 1st Form - Coordinate directed stepwork with uncaged body motion and aligned structure. Learn to understand movement through Form.

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A dynamic Qi Gong Set. Learn the expressions of Turtle, Crane, Snake, Dragon and Tiger in accordance with the 5 elements of Daoist philosophy.

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Discover organic movement! Ismet Himmet introduced in this Seminar important points of balanced and harmonic movement, creating internal and external Feng Shui.

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This 5-day seminar was held in November 2015 and focuses on one skill - the Spiral Power.

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The Push Hands No Limit Seminar in Cologne Germany featured the essentials of the PHNL system and was held in November 2017.

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