Explore Ismet Himmet’s Kung Fu Universe

Step into a new world. After more than 30 years of dedication to martial arts, Ismet Himmet teaches his Kung Fu online. Get access to over 800 videos and 16 courses. Learn Ismet Himmets unorthodox way of fusing old school Kung Fu with modern athletic and fighting techniques.

A KungFu Universe

Step into a new world. After more than 30 years of dedication to Martial Arts Ismet Himmet teaches his Kung Fu online.


Qi Gong

Dive deep into your mind and body. Lower your stress levels and release tension with profound and comprehensive  meditation practices. Calm your self and bring clarity to your life. Start with the basics or deepen your skills with our step by step courses for every level.                      


Express yourself! Learn how to move like Ismet Himmet and become a moving poem. Leverage ancient tools and wisdom from Chinese Martial Arts. Learn the magical movements of Tai Yi Quan or Bagua Zhang. Train to move with a Staff or discover how to use the Spiral Power.

Chinese Boxing

Learn to defend yourself with the best of modern fighting techniques combined with traditional martial arts.  Integrate what works into your style or simply start from scratch. The step by step courses will bring you from beginner to expert.                                                                          

Push Hands

Stand your ground and use your opponents force against them. Learn how to throw a bigger and stronger opponent to the ground. Integrate the power of Push Hands into any system or martial art and bring your skills to the next level.  


Video Q&A

Once a month Ismet Himmet answers the questions of his students in a video Q&A.


Step by Step

Go from beginner to expert. The main courses on this website will teach you in a step by step process and keep you progressing successfully. 


800+ Videos

The 16 Courses contain more than 800 Videos with more than a hundred hours of view time that will keep you practicing for years.



In depth theory and philosophy classes with Ismet Himmet on Qi Gong, meditation and training methods. 


Access Everywhere

Whether you are in the bus on the way to work, sitting in a cafe or training in the park. With our mobile friendly website you can access your courses wherever you are.

About Ismet Himmet

Ismet Himmet is a world renowned martial artist who is famed for his stunning and breathtaking expression of Chinese Internal Martial Arts forms such as Tai Chi. His unconventional approach and teaching methods have been attracting not only martial artists of all types, but dancers, movement enthusiasts, yoga and fitness coaches.

By breaking away from tradition and blending modern training concepts with old school Chinese Kung Fu and Daoist philosophy, he revolutionized the image of Chinese Kung Fu in the west. He was the first foreigner to open a martial arts school in Mainland China after having lived there for 10 years as a disciple studying with the Grand Masters of the famous Wudang style.
In his long martial arts career of over 30 years, he fully immersed himself into traditional martial arts and modern fighting sports. On his journey, he studied Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Karate, Teakwondo, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling and more.
He now passes on all of his knowledge, wisdom and experience to a growing dedicated community all over the world.